A valuation is the act of listing,  describing and attributing a value to a quantity of chattels (furniture,  paintings,  books,  etc) belonging to either an individual or a professional.   ave is able to carry out valuations anywhere in the world.   A written valuation is then sent to the owner of the chattels.

Why should you wish to carry out a valuation?

  • To establish the value of your chattels.

  • To allow a fair division of jointly owned chattels (divorce, etc).

  • It allows a fair division of chattels between beneficiaries prior to death.
    Establishes the value of chattels you intend to donate today or bequeath in the future.

  • To negotiate an insurance contract.
    Establishes proof of ownership and defines the value of your chattels placing you in a better negotiating position in the event of a claim.

  • Prior to moving house.
    A valuation will insure that you are properly insured.   Removal companies,  in certain cases,  may impose a valuation.   This valuation may also be used for household insurance purposes later on.

  • In the context of a tax assessment.
    This valuation establishes the value of your chattels according to current auction prices allowing you to obtain an agreement of value from the French Inland Revenue.   Antiques aged 100 years or more,  works of art,  and collections are tax exempt.

  • In the event of death duties and/or inheritance tax.
    This valuation is private and confidential.   It may be carried out prior to the solicitor's valuation allowing the owner the choice between a solicitor's valuation and the fiscal rate of 5% of the total asset value.

  • In the event of ending a business activity.
    Allows you to establish the value of your company's chattels at auction.   The valuation is free if followed by an auction sale within a year of the valuation.


Valuation fee (in euros and inclusive of VAT with a free quote on demand)

  • 450 € per valuation.

Distance fees

  • Paris and surounding suburbs are free,  all other destination will be quoted for.

Please do not hesitate in contacting for an appointment or any information you may require.

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